Washems2016! includes a Section 1233 report, new and improved sublot processing and more control over the wash sale calculation!
Washems! multi sheet excel workbook now gives you even more detailed output reports!

is a standalone windows based program designed to calculate disallowed losses resulting from the buying and selling of stocks and options. It was written to satisfy the stringent reporting requirement of large financial institutions, hedge funds and major accounting firms and strictly conforms to the rules set forth in Internal Revenue Code Section 1091(a). Using either an excel worksheet or a csv file as its input, creates an excel workbook containing multiple worksheets that provide all of the reports and supporting data you need to correctly report your Wash Sales and your Constructive Sales.

The detailed wash sale report, which shows the calculation on a lot by lot basis within each security, also gives you 2 additional reports. The first one shows you those transactions triggering a Tax Unrealized situation while the second one, the Warnings Report, shows you the specific realized losses that could be lost if a substantially identical position is entered into within the 30 day wash sale period as of a given date.

PS: You can find an example of the complete output workbook with all of its worksheets on our TOOLS & SAMPLES page.

Our 1099B version contains 2 additional reports for those users needing to produce 1099B statements for their clients. The first report reflects all of the details (including wash sales) needed to print a 1099B for each reportable transaction while the second report details any changes to the original cost and tax basis date of all open lots used in a wash sale calculation.

One last note: our installation process doesn't create any hidden files or change the registry settings on your pc. is "installed" using a self-extracting executable that merely copies all of the necessary files to our own directory wemspc on your resident c: drive.